25 Year Warranty Procedure

Procedure to validate your installation

CNET – An Introduction

CNET structured cabling, networking constitute an end to end solution where performance, ease of installation and cost effectiveness are prerequisites. With an emphasis on compatibility and standards compliance ‘from cable to Connectivity’, reliability and product availability, CNET is the complete value for money solution.

Since the brand was conceived in 2007, CNET has enjoyed formidable growth. CNET is one of the top structured cabling brands Globally and in Ireland, making its transformation from own-label to mainstream product set complete. We believe the true value of any warranty is the support it provides and the level of control it offers over the quality of the product, installation and testing prior to the site hand-over.

CNET Cabling Partner Programme

A CNET Cabling Partner is an accredited installer who has undergone extensive guidance & assessments to demonstrate their technical competence and  fully understand the CNET Structured Cabling System and how to best implement it. All Programs are demonstrated & assessed by our in house Technical solutions Manager (BICSI RCDD) who has over 30 years Data comms Experience within the Industry.

CNET System Warranty

The CNET System Warranty provides a 25-year product and applications assurance of compliance with the industry performance standard appropriate to the class of cabling installed. The CNET System Warranty is only available when the said system is designed, supplied and installed by by a CNET accredited installer.

How does it work?

Once site testing has been completed, the AI provides a copy of each link test, together with site drawings and other relevant information (Please: refer to ‘Warranty procedure’ for the testing requirements). When this information has been evaluated and accepted by our CNET Warranty Coordinator, certification will be issued. Upon receipt of the application, and the required information in the correct format, the CNET Warranty Team will complete the above process within a maximum of five working days.

The End User/Client will then receive the CNET warranty certificate and documentation from the AI. The warranty certificate will be dated from the date of the last test. To qualify for the warranty the installation must be made up entirely of CNET products, which must be new at the time of installation.

What is covered by the warranty?

This is a link performance warranty, covering patch panel to outlet and/or patch panel to patch panel links.
The warranty covers components and applications. This means that if a component in any link fails, or the structured cabling fails to support an application that it has been tested to carry (such as Gigabit Ethernet), then a claim can be made on the warranty.

All links must be installed and tested to CNET and industry guidelines to qualify for the warranty. (refer to ‘Warranty procedure’ and Installation Guidelines section). Horizontal links and/or inter-cabinet links are covered by the warranty.

CNET Warranty 25 Year Full document