Statement on the Construction Products Regulation – CPR

Statement on the Construction Products Regulation – CPR

You should be aware that from the 1st of July 2017 all cables which are permanent within building works must be fully compliant with Construction Products Regulation (CPR). CNET Cabling Systems are aware and prepared for this industry change, with all of our relevant stock being compliant on the 1st of July 2017 when it comes into force.

From the 1st of July, cables that are supplied by CNET Cabling Systems will meet the requirements of the CPR legislation.

What Actually Is CPR?

The ‘Construction Projects Regulations’ are rules from the European commission saying that certain products (including cable) should meet certain criteria, before their use in European buildings. The products should be tested before use to ensure that the required criteria are met. The rules are intended to increase safety, of course, but they are also designed to allow purchasers to make accurate product comparisons, regardless of where the cable comes from in the EU.

Which Cables Will It Apply To?

CPR applies to communication, power, and control cables in fixed installations in any building or civil engineering works.

When Will CPR Start?

The CPR transition period began on 10th June 2016, and will end in July 2017. All cables offered for sale after the 1st July 2017 that fit this description above must be CE-marked.

Who Will CPR Affect?

Anyone involved in the design, specification, manufacture, and use of European buildings and the materials used in their construction, will have to abide by the CPR rules. In practical terms for the cable industry; manufacturers, distributors, buyers, and installers are most likely to be affected.

Which Buildings Are Included?

CPR includes all buildings, whether residential or commercial, including civil engineering works.


Department of Housing, Planning, community and Local Goverment

Department of Housing, Planning, community and Local Government

Irish Housing Authority

“On and from 1 July 2013, under Regulation (link is external) (EU) No 305/2011 (external link) (known as the Construction Products Regulation or the “CPR”), CE marking is mandatory for all construction products placed on the market in the European Economic Area and it is covered by:

a harmonised European product standard (external link)

​a European Technical Assessment (external link)

CE Marking (external link)